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FoodCycler RC-35 - Carbon Filter Refill Packs

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We are moving into a more green living lifestyle.
Save more with our new refillable carbon filters!

Compatible with all FoodCycler™ refillable filter systems, the FoodCycler™ Carbon Filter Refill Packs are intended to replace the carbon in the FoodCycler™ Refillable Carbon Filters, ensuring an odourless cycle and minimising unnecessary packaging waste. All components of this item are recyclable. Each carbon pack will last approximately 3-4 months with regular cycling. The carbon material is an organic compound and completely safe to handle. Used carbon can be disposed of in a green bin, garbage can, backyard composter, or directly into the garden! 

Option 1: (2) Carbon Filter Refill Packs (1 set)
Option 2: (8) Carbon Filter Refill Packs in a box (4 sets)

Per carbon pack: (H) 18.5cm x (W) 13cm x (D) 3cm
Weight: 240g

(Please ensure you have the newest refillable filter canisters RF-35 before purchasing this carbon packs)



FoodCycler™ 活性碳过滤充包与所有 FoodCycler™ 可再填充过滤系统兼容,旨在替换 FoodCycler™ 可再填充活性碳过滤中的活性碳,确保无味循环并最大限度的减少不必要的包装浪费。每个组件都是可回收的。每个活性碳包将可耐用大约 3-4 个月。活性碳材料是一种有机化合物,处理起来完全安全。用过的活性碳可以丢弃在环保垃圾箱、垃圾桶、后院堆肥机中,或直接用入花园!

选择 1:(2)活性碳过滤补充包(1 套)
选择 2:(8)活性碳过滤补充包 - 盒装(4 套)

每补充包: (H) 18.5cm x (W) 13cm x (D) 3cm
重量: 240g

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