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FoodCycler RF-35 - Refillable Carbon Filters

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We are moving into a more green living lifestyle.
Save more with our new refillable carbon filters!

Compatible with FoodCycler™ FC-30 product, the Refillable Carbon Filters deodorise the FoodCycler™ process, ensuring an odourless cycle. The threaded removable filter lids allow you to open the filters and replace your used carbon with fresh carbon pellets without having to replace the plastic filters. This eliminates unnecessary plastic waste without compromising on deodorisation, and extends the shelf life of the carbon pellets.

- Designed to eliminate odours during food cycling
- Threaded filter tops for easy twist-open, twist-closed functionality
- Replace both filters' carbon at the same time for maximum filtration
- Carbon will last approximately 3-4 months with regular use

Your Refillable Carbon Filters come with two FoodCycler™ Carbon Refill Packs to get you started. 

To replace your old carbon, purchase our FoodCycler™ Carbon Filter Refill Packs.

The carbon material is an organic compound and completely safe to handle. Used carbon can be disposed of in a green bin, garbage can, backyard composter, or directly into the garden! 

Package contains:
(2) FoodCyclerTM Refillable Carbon Filters
(2) Removable Filter Caps
(2) FoodCycler™M Carbon Refill Packs

Packaging Dimensions: (H) 15cm x (W) 17cm x (D)14.5cm
Weight: 800g



可再装活性碳过滤棒与 FoodCycler™ FC-30 产品兼容,可进行除臭,确保无味循环。螺纹可拆卸过滤棒盖允许您打开过滤棒并用新的活性碳颗粒替换用过的活性碳,而无需更换塑料过滤棒。这在不影响除臭的情况下消除了不必要的塑料浪费,并延长了活性碳颗粒的保质期。

- 消除食物循环过程中的异味
- 螺纹过滤顶部,便于扭开、扭合功能
- 同时更换两个过滤活性碳
- 活性碳耐用约 3-4 个月

您的可填充活性碳过滤配有两个 FoodCycler™ 活性碳包,让您开始使用。

FoodCycler™ 活性碳过滤补充包


(2) FoodCycler™ 可再填充活性碳过滤
(2) 可拆卸过滤
(2) FoodCycler™ 碳填充包

包装尺寸:(H) 15cm x (W) 17cm x (D)14.5cm

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