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Soil Amendment: Foodilizer (organic fertilizer) made from food waste

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What is foodilizer / soil amendment:
Foodilizer is the by-product (or organic fertiliser) produced by the FoodCycler, which is also a soil amendment. Foodilizer is pathogen and bacteria free, making it safe and odourless to handle indoors. The bacteria lost during the FoodCycling process can be regenerated by simply mixing the by-product in with your soil. The soil bacteria will combine with the foodilizer and microbes will naturally begin to rebuild in your soil. 

It is added to the soil to enrich the soil, increase nutrient parts-per-million, strengthen root structures and stems and enhance plant growth.

Despite being completely free of bacteria and pathogens, once incorporated into the soil, the by-product will continue to break down, releasing valuable micro and macro nutrients, while adding an average of 919 400 ppm of organic matter into
the soil. The latter process is crucial to the natural life cycle of soil and organic decay, and the bedrock of composting science.

On average, the FoodCycler produces a soil amendment with an NPK of 4-1-1. NPK stands for Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium. These are the three macro-nutrients required by plants for healthy growth. You'll often find an NPK ratio listed on bags of synthetic fertilizer at the store.

Composting with Foodilizer

Soil Amendment - How to use?

Two options:

  1. mix them with soil with the correct ratio for weeks to let it regenerate bacteria and use it as soil amendments.
  2. bury straight beneath the soil on plants with the correct ratio to act as slow release fertilizers.

What's the correct ratio?

Mix foodilizer in with your soil/ bury beneath the soil at a minimum ratio of 1 part foodilizers to minimum of 15 parts soil.

Price: RM0.004 / g
Packaging Size: 150g RM0.60 / 250g RM1.00 / 350g RM1.40

**Foodilizers will be packed in recycled containers.

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