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13 Reasons Why You Need An Electric Composter In 2020

13 Reasons Why You Need An Electric Composter In 2020

This article will tell you if it’s time to upgrade your indoor compost game, because everyone needs to be recycling their food waste in 2020. 

DID YOU KNOW that methane gas is 30X worse for the environment than the CO2 from our cars? Food waste (which generates methane) comprises 20% of all landfill volume. Even if you don’t have the space for a traditional compost pile or compost alternatives, you can still cut your food waste completely with an electric composter.

It's time to buy an electric composter when:

1. You live in an apartment

If you live in an apartment or condo, composting will be pretty difficult. Limited indoor space and zero green space might mean that there is really only one option for you to compost in an apartment.

2. You do not have time to turn a compost pile.

Unturned compost piles are stinky, nasty messes that attracts pests. Cold compost piles also take up to a year and a half to break down. Electric composters turn your pile for you, so all you have to do is push a button.

3. You eat meat.

You cannot add meat of any kind to a traditional compost pile. Rotting meat will generate dangerous pathogens and will absolutely attract unwanted pests.

4. You eat dairy.

Same deal as meat!

5. You eat junk food / have leftovers from a restaurant.

Processed foods with oils, grease and other icky stuff will not break down well in compost piles. Electric composters, on the other hand, have no issue turning that stuff into fertilizer.

6. You have little kids.

With tiny humans running around, you may not have the time to compost the old-fashioned way - not to mention, you’d need to bring them with you any time you go outside to add to the pile or turn it.

7. You have pets.

Dogs and cats can get into a backyard compost, especially if has tasty morsels like bread or cereal in it. This can make pets sick. At the very least, they’ll get those paws (and your floors) very dirty!

8. You don't understand how compost piles work - and you don't care to!

Composting is a natural process, but it’s still important to understand how it works. Without understanding how food waste breaks down, you run the risk of adding the wrong thing, or not turning it often enough - messing up a compost pile will generate methane gas.

9. You hate fruit flies (who doesn't?)

Fruit flies are attracted to food waste smells in your kitchen. Eliminate the food waste and you eliminate the fruit flies.

10. You want cheap, accessible, home-made organic fertilizer.

A bag of organic fertilizer can cost up to RM30. Depending on the size of your garden, you might be spending hundreds just to fertilizer your soil. An electric composter creates home-made organic fertilizer in hours.

11. You have potted plants.

If you have an indoor garden, your plants could use those added nutrients that they would otherwise get from decaying organic matter outdoors!

12. You're tired of taking out the garbage so often.

Food waste comprises the majority of household trash. That means that, every week, you’re stuck dragging around a heavy, sticky, leaky garbage bag full of hot food waste… gross, dude. With electric composters, you’ll be putting that trash out far less often - and you’ll have an easier time of it without all that food dragging you down!

BONUS REASON. You're starting the zero-waste lifestyle, but don't know where to start.

Electric composters are an amazing way to jump start your zero-waste lifestyle, without breaking the bank or investing a ton of time to education and integration. Drop your food waste in and press Start!

To Summarize

If you can compost, do it. If you can’t, find another way to limit your food waste. We’re entering a period of climate emergency, and we must all improve our carbon footprints using the tools that are available to us today.

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